La Manzanilla del Mar – El Paraiso

Bahia de Tenacatita

Bahia de Tenacatita

Time spent in La Manzanilla, Jalisco MX  ( has been magical these past two winters.  Linda and I adore the beach living, wading into the ocean, snorkeling the small reef, watching our annual “tope” drift ashore and become a fabulous social log.  The eating is varied and delicious, however Tito’s is our favorite as it is with so many other friends.  Friday’s “tanguey” marketplace in the “jardin” is a fun shopping experience where mostly non-food items can be found and socializing abounds.  Dancing has been our most enjoyable and satisfying activity :-)   Several restaurants will bring in varied musical styles that can turn into 50 people on the dance floor at times kicking up a storm!   Salsa lessons greatly improved my steps and our fun on the floors.

My Uncle Claude & (auntie) Linda  who live in La Manz have hosted several memorable evening meals where their friends have become ours also.  A renowned painter, you can see her lovely work at  Many Québeçois couples (some with motos) spend several months on the beach and add a “Je ne sais quoi” of “joie de vivre” that warms the heart.

Sunsets are awesome and attract viewers every evening, some in hopes of seeing the “green flash”!    The beach is such a powerful social magnet.  People, dogs, horses, bicycles, motos, atv, crabs and shorebirds can be seen randomly.  The laguna is a protected area where the crocodiles, iguanas, birds of many species and the occasional human visitor hang out.  Sunset sets off a cacophony of tweets, screeches and general raucus as critters look to roost for the night.

Egrets fishing

The fishermen launch out early in morning and attract a dedicated following :-)  Bahia de Tenacatita is  a long sweeping series of sandy beaches that have La Manz as an anchor point and safe harbour.  Sailboats often number 20 further along in Blue Bay at the mouth of a laguna.

Water works and play.


Feeding frenzy as bait fish get bombarded up and down the shoreline.



This croc could be found sunning every day.  Thought to be an import from Melaque to spice up the breeding stock :-)  but found himself isolated most of the time.



Always something to chat about when walking the beach…  Watch out for fast flying frisbee!



This is the 2014 gift from the sea and affectionately called our “tope” (speed bump) where hordes of folks will have stopped, sat, photographed, smooched, jumped and played.  It was later bucked up by some heartless gringo, yet the cut ends had a new purpose that entertained many once more.



This Pelican washed ashore.  They put him back in the water but it washed up again later and passed away.  They sometimes dive in such shallow water that they scramble their brains and sometimes go blind from the repeated shocks, hence starve not being able to see their prey.


Sister Jocelyne was in town for her birthday in 2013 and her friends Brenda and Rico hosted a supper where I first met Linda.  An eclectic group of travellers mostly from Canada’s west coast.



Many mornings start off with this ephemeral wispy mist drifting out to sea.



Sailing ships moored in Blue Bay near the laguna.



La Manzanilla backdrops these hardy sailing ships…

Blue Bay sails


Best beach buddies group up for a photo on our Tope in January ’14.



Entering La Manzanilla from Routa 200 they foretell wonderment…



The Grackells flash by morning and evening to and fro at less than chest level.  These slipped into the photo of a couple boarding into sunset  :-)

Grackells & paddlers


Campfires attract a crowd wherever they be lit.  This was a little too much for Snowy the Xmas snowman.  He burst into flames much to our cheers!

Roasting Snowy




Sunset ship

La Manzanilla sunset Stroll


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